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Dental Screw Post

SP-15 Fiber Glass Post

SP-15 Fiber Glass Post
  • Product code : Fiber Glass Post
  • Brand : Fiber Glass Post
  • Features : Fiber Glass Post
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SP-15 Fiber Glass Post


●Glass fiber as a special plait in a multi-axial arrangement giving better resistance to bending and torsion forces.                                                                                                                      

●The glass fiber will prevent the post from breaking and makes it very sesillent and it will not like a hard and numb metal post transmit stress and shck to the dentine.                                                                                                                                       

●It will work together with the dentine to absorb any stress or shock as it has about the same elasticity as the dentine itself                                                             

●Glass fiber post is radio=opaque, allowing fast recognition on the X-ray.
Package: 18pcs/kit (Φ1.20~1.50mm, 18pcs post +3drills)

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