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Dental X-Ray

DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit

DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit
DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit Tregoni fotografi2 Tregoni fotografi3
  • Product code : DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit
  • Brand : DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit
  • Features : DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit
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DX-005 Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit

It is an essential diagnostic equipment for dentist with features as following:

a). Simple structure: The x-ray generator, central controller and unit frame are integrated into one unit.

b). Good protection: The radiation is much lower than national protecting standard.

c). Digital circuit: The digital circuit makes exposure time accurate.


Technical specifications

tube voltage: 60KV

tube current: 8mA

exposal time: 0.2~4.0s

input power: ≤600W

output power: 339W

irradiation diameter: 6cm

fuse: F5AL250V

capacity: 60KV 8mA .

the way of operation :break load;continuous operation

The time of loading follows R’10

the weigh of x-ray source:6.5Kg

the variation rate of high-voltage generator 1:226

X-ray area:3.14x262(mm2)

up-down range of X-ray head: ≥400mm

forward-back range of X-ray head: >900mm

level turning angle of head: 360°

rounding angle of head: 270°


Woodencase Package


Carton Package



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