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Base Light

Base Light
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  • Product code : Base Light
  • Brand : Base Light
  • Features : Base Light
BASE LIGHT for shade guide , Dental Tri Spectra LED Shade Matching Light , Teeth whitening guide for dentist


BASE LIGHT for shade guide , Dental Tri Spectra LED Shade Matching Light ,

Teeth whitening guide for dentist



LED shade matching light features 12 LEDs to stimulate various lighting conditions to aid in

the matching of teeth and all types of dental restorations.

Base Light offers you three modes of light for shade taking. 1).Daylight mode. It is seen in outdoor environment in a cloudy

bright day, is an Industry - standard color temperature of 5500°Kelvin. 2). ROOMLIGHT mode. Warm, incandescent light is

found in many indoor environments. Approximately 3200°Kelvin color temperature. 3). AMBIENT LIGHT mode. That is for

verification of shade-taking. Mixed lighting conditions of daylight and room light that exists in many indoor environments


.Approximately 3900°Kelvin color temperature.




• Choose shade at 5500˚K. Verify the selected shade using 3200˚K (incandescence) and 3900˚K (ambient). Shade should match in all color temperatures.

• Portability
• 5500˚K; 3200˚K; 3900˚K
• Easy to use
• Simulates 3 lighting conditions from one source
• Standardizes lighting conditions between multiple locations
• Controlled viewing area
• Neutralizing color tabs included
• Battery operated
• L.E.D. provides full power instantly
• Low battery indicator with constant light output

• Choice of 3 simulated lighting conditions: daylight, incandescent and ambient light
• Pays for itself with the price of one remake
• Reduces glare and reflective highlights
• Easily toggle between 3 lighting conditions with one-touch control
• Provides consistent lighting conditions between dental office and dental laboratory for shade analysis
• Eliminates shadowing from upper lip and distracting outside color sources from interfering with shade selection
• Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity
• 2 – AA batteries are readily available

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