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Dental Mouth Mirror

Dental Mouth Mirror
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  • Product code : Dental Mouth Mirror
  • Brand : Dental Mouth Mirror
  • Features :
Electric 360 degree spinning dental mirror dental mouth mirror with water proof precision


dental supply 2014 newest high quality Electric 360 degree spinning dental mirror dental mouth mirror with water proof precision







Confidently cut the most challenging preparations with continuous clear vision


Eliminate stress + eyestrain with constant visibility


Experience time savings and increased productivity




Mouth Mirror spins away debris and spray while you finish restorations


Cordless, with rechargeable batteries



autoclavable, ergonomically balanced instrument


micromagnetics allow instant change of double sided mirrors .




Handle length:172 mm, tapered


Ergonomic grip: diameter 5mm to 13.5mm,with non-slip, matt finish


Handpiece weight:80g including battery


All high-grade materials: medical stainless steel AISI 316L


Replaceable, double-sided precision mirrors:Mirror diameter 22 mm;High-grade optically polished stainless steel;Front surface reflecting,

Magnetically retained and easily removable


Hermetically sealed, brushless, DC direct-drive micro-motor


Electronically stabilized, controlled mirror speed(14,000rpm)


Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) long lasting batteries, no memory effect, useful life per full charge approx. 50min.


Microprocessor controlled quick charge type battery charger, input 6V, 800mA; Full-charge time approx.1 hour


Charger capacity: two batteries simultaneously


Power supply: small plug type,100 to 240V AC,60/50Hz,6VA




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