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Gutta Percha Cutter

Gutta Percha Cutter
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Wireless Dental Endo Gutta Percha Cutter Teeth Tooth Gum Cutter Tool with 4 Tips


Wireless Dental Endo Gutta Percha Cutter Teeth Tooth Gum Cutter Tool with 4 Tips


Please check if the voltage of the power source match to the equipment before charging.
Intended Use
This product is only available to the well-trained dentist and dental laboratory which is for surgery of filling root canal, used for cutting the extra gutta percha from the root canal.
1. First, please connect the charger to the power source.
2. Put the unit into the charge base, when the unit is inside the charge slot, the light indicator on the handle will turn on.
Description of battery
1. First time use the equipment, please make sure it is fully charged, this process takes about 12 hours.
2. Please charge the nickel-metal hydride battery before it fully discharged. This ensures the best service life of your equipment, according to the frequency of use, the life of the product is about 2 years.
Operation during the work
1. The pen tip on the unit, the curved part from the top is opposite to to the button, which makes work easier.
2. The open tips should be installed onto the handle under the cooled state(and the button should not be operated during the installation), use the curved part from the tip to cut the gutta percha.
3. Please make sure the pen tip is well installed before operating. Cleaning: The tip is easy to be cleaned after a few second heat.
4.When the gutta percha is cut, release the button, wait from the tip to cool down before taking it out from the patient. The operation button is "contact button", the unit will stop working after releasing the button.
Safety Precautions
1. When the pen tip is still on the unit, please do not bent it.
2. If the force is too strong during the treatment, it would be bad for the service life of the pen tip.
3. Electromagnetic should be avoided.
4. Please do not modify the unit at any way.
Size of handle: Length 126mm Diameter 19mm
Power voltage: 230V/50Hz
Temperatures: Operating: 0°C ~ +40°C Storage: -10°C ~ +60°C
Humidity: Operating: ≤95%RH Storage: ≤95%RH
Atmospheric pressure: Operating: 70 ~ 106kPa Storage: 50 ~ 106kPa
Protection against electrical shock: type B


Package included:

1 x Gutta cutter handle
1 x Charger base
4 x Pen tips


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