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Endo Motor

Endo-45 C-Smart mini Endodontic treatment

Endo-45 C-Smart mini Endodontic treatment
  • Product code : Endo-45 C-Smart mini Endodontic treatment
  • Brand : Endo-45 C-Smart mini Endodontic treatment
  • Features :
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Endo-45 C-Smart mini Endodontic treatment

1.Wireless handpiece,sample and lightness
2.LCD screen display, keyboard operating, easy to use
3.Original switzerland surgical brushless motor
4.Large rechargeable Li-ion battery
5.Detachable 1:1 mini contra angle,multi-angle,can be autoclaved sterilization
6.Speed and torque can be adjusted
7.Multiple reverse mode, special for one-file reciprocaty cutting mode(fit into one file NiTi)
8.Recharge very fast by connecting the adaptor
9.Automatically shut down after 3min without any operation and memory the last executed program

1.Adaptor working voltage:
2.5 Settings for adjustable rotational speed ,
ranging from 125 to 625rpm
3.Adjustable torque, range:

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