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Endo Motor

Endo-43 iM2 cordless Endo motor

Endo-43 iM2 cordless Endo motor
  • Product code : Endo-43 iM2 cordless Endo motor
  • Brand : Endo-43 iM2 cordless Endo motor
  • Features :
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Endo-43  iM2 cordless Endo motor

New iM2 cordless Endo motor,  Cordless Endo treatment ,Cordless Dental equipments
Features :
1:1 reciprocating rotate mini contra angle can be used instead of manual work of hand file
Only use 1:1 mini contra angle.
1.Torque control from 0.3 to 3.0 Ncm (Depending on the gear ratio selected)
2.Speed range 100-450rpm
3.Cordless handpiece delivers freedom of movement
4.Compact and portable-operates without foot pedal
5.9 program settings can be memorized
6.Three auto-reverse modes: Auto-reverse, Auto-stop, Auto-shutdown functions
7.Standard configuration 1:1 mini contra angle
8.1:1 reciprocating rotate  mini contra angle are available
9. High capacity lithium-ion battery provides stable and prolonged usage.
10. Offers quick and easy coupling. (One year warranty )

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