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LED Curing Light

L047 LED Curing Light

L047 LED Curing Light
  • Product code : L047 LED Curing Light
  • Brand : L047 LED Curing Light
  • Features : L047 LED Curing Light
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L047 LED Curing Light 
1. Two operation modes:
    A: Ramp mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then full power till the end.
    B: Fast mode: Full power all the time.
2. Various Curing Time: preset curing time 5/10/15/20/25 seconds.    
3. BEEP at each 5-seconds to indicate remaining curing time
4. Automatic turn-off function
1. Special design:
    LCD display 
    Control button                                                       
2. Distinctive design:
    Separating operation panel from display panel.
    (This contributes to the convenient operation)
3. 5W cool LED with the light intensity1400 mw/cm2 
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