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Dental root canal files

Gate Drils

Gate Drils
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Gate Drils


Gate Drils

Apllictaions: Engine Use

·         Rotary Speed: 800-1200rmp

·         Material: Stainless Steel

·         Length: 28/32mm

·         Size: #1/2/3/4/5/6

·         Sterilizable MAX: 150°C

·         Packing: 6pcs/box( Assorted or single size)

·         ISO Color Coded mark with ISO stander metal handle

·         Extremly strong, flexible and durable

·         To be applied in pulp canal protective

·         To establish the access to root canal's entrance

·         To enlarge the opening of teeth root canal's crown part

·         To prepare the upper 2/3 part of molar root canal crown


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