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Dental X-Ray

Dio-XX Portable X-Ray Unit

Dio-XX Portable X-Ray Unit
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DIO -XX Dental Portable X-Ray Units , made in Korea , We will also provide USER Manual .



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Tube Current


Tube Voltage


Exposure Time

0.1~1.6( Second )




1. Introduction
This manual contains installation, operation and maintenance instructions for the dental portable intraoral X-ray system, DIO-XX
These procedures should only be performed by maintenance service technicians
who are experienced in installing and servicing dental X-ray systems.

This X-ray unit may be dangerous to patient and operator unless safe
exposure factors and operating instructions are observed.
1.2 Product description
The portable X-ray system, DIO-XX is an advanced high frequency dental X-ray
apparatus with fixed 60kVDC and 2mA tube current which is designed to produce
diagnostic high quality X-ray for both film and digital sensors.
When X-rays are taken, the device can be either hand-held or mounted on an
optional tripod or arms.
1.3 Portable DIO-XX intraoral X-ray features
1. Only 3.9 pounds(1.8kg) for optimum hand-held use
2. The least radiation exposure but excellent image quality
3.  Micro-computer and specialized circuit that monitors and precisely regulates the
exposure technique factors (kV, mA and exposure time)
4.  Simple up and down arrows adjust exposure setting by 0.01 seconds (0.01~1.60sec.).
5.  The X-ray generator has been newly designed to reduce the volume and weight.
(Patent acquisition)
6.  Uniquely designed internal lead shield protects the operator and the patient from
dispersed radiation.
7.  Pre-programmed exposure time makes operation fast and easy.


1.4 Constant emissi ion power technology
The DIO-XX emits continuous X-ray radiation during an exposure rather than in
bursts, as in conventional X-rays, (as illustrated), which can reduce radiation
dosage by up to as much as 30%.
1.5 Intended use
The DIO-XX X-ray system is intended to be used by trained dentists and dental
technicians as an extra-oral X-ray source for producing diagnostic X-ray images
using intraoral image receptors and films. Its use is intended for both adult and
pediatric examinations.
This publication, applicable to DIO-XX covers instructions for a cordless, hand-held
X-ray system. Symbols used in this publication, and equipment have the following


2.3 Zone of significant occupancy
DIO-XX requires the presence of an operator, with at least one significant zone of
occupancy with a floor not smaller than 60 × 60cm wide, and not shorter than
200cm height, including the logical information as follows.
1. The type of radio examinations of the significant zone of occupancy is only
designated to be used for its main purpose.
2.  Location of the significant zone of occupancy includes the position of its
boundaries, and is relative to the clearly recognizable features of the X-ray
3.  Identity of removable protective devices for use with X-ray equipment and
information on their application and use.


4. Specifications of product
1. Grade --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ClassⅡ b
2. Classification ---------------------------------------------------------- Type B applied part
3. X-ray generator
 Tube voltage --------------------------------------------------------------- 60kV (Fixed)
 Tube current ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2mA (Fixed)
 High voltage generating circuit ---------------- High frequency Inverter method
 X-ray control method ------------------------ Controlled by the micro processor
Time setting range ----------------------------- 0.01~1.60 second (0.01 sec step)
4. X-ray tube
Type ----------------------------------------------------- Stationary anode X-ray tube
 X-ray tube model ------------------------------------------------ D-081BS(Toshiba)
X-ray tube focal size ------------------------------------------------------------ 0.8mm
Target angle --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20°
Total filtration ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.6mm Al
(Inherent filtration: 0.8mmAl, Fixed added filtration: 0.8mmAl)
5. Display method ----------------------------------------------------------------- LCD Display
6. SSD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100/200mm
7. X-ray field ------------------------------------------------------------- 55mm (Round style)
8. Weight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.8kg
9. Size of main body ------------------------------------------ 135(W)×150(D)×175(H)mm
10. Voltage to use
Battery ------------------------------------------- Lithium polymer battery (DC24V)
 Charger ---------------------------------------------------------- JBL7451250750100FJ
(Input: 100-240V~, 50~60Hz, 1.0A, Output: DC25.2V, 0.75A)


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