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NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve

NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve
NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve Tregoni fotografi2
  • Product code : NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve
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NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve


NV-701 Dental steam sterilizer autocalve



1. Fuzzily computer controlled and digital bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation.
2. The alarm system of full waste water completely avoids the waste water circulation sterilizing.
3. With automatic alarm system of breakdowns, you can grasp the status of machine operation dynamically at any time.
4. Humanized design of water drain makes it more convenient to dry.
5. With built-in printer, the process of sterilization will be conveniently recorded.
6. Double-layer protection:Door lock with interlock protection, inter-cavity pressure, the door cannot be opened.7. Sound hint:Buzzing hints when disinfection is over or system is lack of water.8. Convenient maintenance aided by auto failure detection.

7. Display window in Autoclave Sterilizer 18L-II is is larger than old one
8. Pressure unit in Autoclave Sterilizer 18L-II changes to Kpa from Bar
9. In vacuum state, Autoclave Sterilizer 18L-II will show the actual negative pressure while the old one would show “-p”

10. Temperature displays more than one decimal in Autoclave Sterilizer 18L-II, more accurate
11. An increase in the error code helps us judge machine problem 



Rated Voltage

220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

110V±11V, 60Hz±1Hz

Rated Power

1800VA / 2000VA

Sterilizing (Pressure/temp.)

0.9-1.3kpa/120ºC, 2.0-2.3kpa/120ºC (Both of above are Under  Standard Atmospheric pressure)

Fuse-Melting pipe

T15A / T30A

Capacity of water tank


Water Consumption volume per recycling round


Operating Temp


Inside dimensions


Outside dimensions

650*520*500 mm


















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