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Dental X-Ray

EzSensor rvg dental sensor

EzSensor rvg dental sensor
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Hot excellent performance EzSensor rvg dental sensor acteon sopix rvg dental x ray sensor



1. Flexible size selection based on diagnostic purpose
:Size 1.0 /1.5/ 2.0

2. High quality clear images

3. Ergonomic design: Slim and rounded corner exterior

4. Fast & efficient workflow

5. High Sensitivity for Supreme Quality, Low Dose Imaging


Details :


EzSensor provides consistently high resolution and clear images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning with various size.



Size 1.0 Size 1.5 Size 2.0
Active Area

 30X20 mm

33X24mm 36X26 mm

Narrow Arch

(child, Female)


(female, male)

Large or wide arch


Ergonomic Design : Slim and rounded corner exterior

   The EzSensor has a slim design with rounded corners for easy positioning      

   to ensure patient comfort.



   Unique design makes itself extremely durable.

   The exterior is made of rugged aluminum and the

   interior is esigned to absorb the external shock.

   Furthermore, a reinforced, flexible cable attachment

   protects the sensor from excessive bending.


Detector CMOS
Pixel Size 35um
Theoretical Resolution 14.2 lp/mm
Dynamic Range 12 bit
Thickness 4.95 mm (0.19")
Total Cable Length

6 m (sensor cable + control box cable to PC)



DIMENSION [W x L mm(inch)]


Size 1.0 Size 1.5 Size 2.0
26.1(1.03") x 36.8(1.45") 29.2(1.14") x 38.7(1.52") 31.5(1.24") x 42.8(1.69")


Specification :

EzSensor is a modern digital imaging solution for intraoral dental radiography. Its advanced CMOS technology provides excellent image quality. For patient comfort, the EzSensor’s ergonomic design is based on human intraoral anatomy.

EzSensor is a digital X-ray imaging system designed specifically for dental radiography within the oral cavity. The system captures X-ray images and makes them available for display and storage across your network of computers.

EzSensor is connected by a ‘USB A-A’ cable (supplied separately) to a compatible Console PC. The Console PC runs Windows XP or Windows Vista and also provides power for the device. Support for the EzSensor is provided by compatible software programs such as EasyDent V4. For other custom applications, a programmer’s guide is available.

The EzSensor includes a detachable holder that can be mounted to a wall or other stable surface.

EzSensor is available in two sizes(1.5 and 1.0). Size 1.0 is suitable for children, while size 1.5 is appropriate for adult patients.

Excellent image quality based on advanced CMOS technology

Optimized sensor shape for human oral structure

Low-dose performance

Easy-to-use USB 2.0 interface

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