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ADV850 LED dental ultrasonic scaler

ADV850 LED dental ultrasonic scaler
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  • Product code : ADV850
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USA ADV850 LED dental ultrasonic scaler similar WPK scaler with water bottle  

Main features:
1.Six bright LED illumination reduces eye strain and enhances visibility
2.Large capacity water bottle allows for portability and use with various treatments
3.Extremely gentle on patient, causes little or no sensitivity.
4.No heat build up in handpiece tip with extended use
5.Autoclavable handpiece with quick disconnect handpiece tubing allows for easy sterilization and maintenance
6.Three pre-programmed power ranges – General, Perio, Endo
7.5 scaling tips with Endo Files holder is included
8.Easy and rapid operating for root canal treatment
9.Approvals – FDA 510 K listed/ CE 

Details :

Compact unit housing for easy placement anywhere in the operatory.

Extremely gentle on patient, causes little or no sensitivity.

No heat build up in handpiece tip with extended use.

Autoclavable handpiece

Extensive power range to allow widest choice of clinical applications includes General, Perio and Endo.

Fine water spray eliminates excessive overspray onto patient.

Bottle water or External water source.

5 Tips included with unit.

Endodontic file holder & files included

Easy and rapid operating for root canal treatment.

Achieve enlargement of canal quickly

1 year warranty




Power: 100-240V

Output power: 38VA

Absorbed Power: Max 15W

Scaler: Max 10W, 24-28kHz, automatic runing

Water pressure: 30-145 PSI

Water Consumption: 10-50 cc/min


Standard Accessories:



G1, G2, G4, P4, P5 tips

Foot control

Tip wrench

Water Bottle

Endo file holder + files


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