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Pesso Reamers

Pesso Reamers
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Specifications MaNi dental peeso reamers Drills/Pesso Reamers standard: CE/ISO excellent quality and competitive price MN Pesso Reamers Advantages of pesso reamers: • "MANI hard-fiber stainless steel" • Higher anti-corrosion resistance • Uniform and stabilized hardness. • The safety tip prevents ledges or perforation. • Designed to be broken at very near to shank • Easy identification by the number of grooves in the shank package: 6 pieces/box length: 28mm, 32mm,


Endodontic Rotary Files Pesso Reamers To bring out the filled material in the root canal


Peeso Reamers  

·         Applications: Engine Use

·         Rotary Speed: 800-1200rmp

·         Material: Stainless Steel

·         Length: 28/32mm

·         Size: #1/2/3/4/5/6

·         Sterilizable MAX: 150°C

·         Packing: 6pcs/box( Assorted or single size)

·         ISO Color Coded mark with ISO stander metal handle

·         To be used for preparation of upper 1/3 root canal crown

·         To bring out the filled material in the root canal

·         To prepare the post path  

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