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Marathon Micromotor

Micromotor Handy 700

Micromotor Handy 700
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Micromotor Marathon Handy 701:

1. Convinces by its pre-eniment technical data, optimally suitable for all arising works in laboratory and workshop.
2. The unit can be used as tabletop or knee-control unit.
3. The high torque of 7.8 Ncm and the electronic control keep the speed always constant.
4. The speed is infinitely variably adjustable in both directions from 1, 000 to 50, 000 rpm.
5. The hermetically cased and brushless high-frequency motor opreates particularly q

uiet and almost without wear and tear.
6. Due to its optimum weight distribution the ergonomically shaped handpiece guarantees fatigue-free and precis working.
7. It with one 50, 000rmp handpiece.



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