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Apex Locator

AL-028 Apex Locator

AL-028 Apex Locator
AL-028 Apex Locator Tregoni fotografi2 Tregoni fotografi3
  • Product code : AL-028 Apex Locator
  • Brand : AL-028 Apex Locator
  • Features : AL-028 Apex Locator
AL-028 Apex Locator


AL-028 Apex Locator

1.Adopt the III dual-frequency measure technology, display with large LCD.                                                      

2.Measuring will not be effected by environment, no matter the root is dry or full of electrolyte(blood, or normal saline), it can measure precisely.                                                                                                          

3.Manify the apex zone, display with 11 scales, precision can reach 0.1mm.                                                  

4.Number and scales display the detecting position synchronously.                                                                          

5.With sonar alarm when it’s in narrow zone, and the sonar volume can by regulated.                                             

6.Auto-check when starts up, calibrate the data previously, remain the operation precisi                                      

7.The narrow zone of apex can be regulated by the doctor if it’s needed.                                                     

8.Long power consumption design, super long using time, power supplied by No.7 battery, with  7 scales battery indication.                                                                                                                                       

9.The accessories can be sterilized with high temperature, prevent the patients from cross infection.main technical index:  


2.power consumption:<0.05w  

3.static current:<10ua

4.display mode:LCD

5.running method:short time classification:Class IImedical instrument classification index

7.thunder protect classification: type BF style mobile spatter-protect equipment(medical instrument classification index)

8.Guarantee: 2 years.

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