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Apex Locator

AL-020 Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator

AL-020 Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator
  • Product code : AL-020 Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator
  • Brand : AL-020 Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator
  • Features : AL-020 Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator
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AL-020 Denjoy Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator


Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator

Apex locator Joypex 5 is a kind of highly precise instrument used for determining position of apex of root canal with the up-to-date technology and design. The unit is designed based on the principles of human engineering science, which is endowed with handsome appearance and remarkable performance. Moreover, apex Locator Joypex 5 adopts the latest generation circuit technology-Multi-Frequency in the area of apex locator, which can be regarded as the most convenient one and easy to clean or sterilized.


1. Multi-frequency operating system
2. 0.1mm length determination
3. Works in dry or wet canals
4. Adjustable LCD angle of view
5. Self calibrating
6. LCD panel could show the moving trace of file in the canal
7. Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection
8. Audible warning system. Beep alarm to indicate the apex when the display number on the LCD is below 2mm
9. Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
10. Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment around the minor diameter.
11. CE 0197




Model Joypex 5 Classification Internally powered equipment
Input voltage DC7.5v Power <0.08w
Current <10μA Size 130L*102H*34Dmm
Power source Powered by battery (5 x1.5V DC) Display color LCD screen and piezoelectric buzzer
Battery-operated 5 pieces of AAA dry Li-on battery Weight About 600g


1. Before operation, please read the user manual carefully.
2. Like all of the other electric facilities, this machine has an electromagnetism disturbance. When there is a patient who is now using the cardiac pacemaker, or there is an electronic operation, please don’t put the machine around.
3. Please put in the battery before use. Make sure that the power of the battery is sufficient to guarantee the correct measurement result.
4. Please use the file with the resin handle rather than mental one. Even when using the file with resin handle, please notice that the fingers should be avoided touching the mental part of the file.
5. Please clip the upper portion of the file rather than the down portion with the holder, otherwise, the metal part of the holder and the resin part of the file would be damaged.
6. When the file accidently touches the inner part of the root-canal, the reading of scale will get a bit abnormality, then will get right automatically a few seconds later.


1. Testing cord x 1
2. Autoclavable file holder x 2
3. Stainless hook x 4
4. User’s manual x 1

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