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orthodontic Niti Arch Wire

orthodontic Niti Arch Wire
  • Product code : orthodontic Niti Arch Wire
  • Brand : orthodontic Niti Arch Wire
  • Features : orthodontic Niti Arch Wire
Orthodontic niti wires, orthodontic stainless steel wires, orthodontic brackets, orthodontic bands, orthodontic tubes, orthodontic materials, dental materials, dental equipment


Orthodontic Niti Arch Wire --super elastic--Best on sell


 1.super elastic
2.arch reverse curve
3.thermally activated
4.close/open spring
5.good quality


Supper Elastic Ni-ti round wire 0.012/0.014/0.016/0.018/0.020  upper and lower


Supper Elastic Ni-ti rectangle  wire 0.016×0.016 / 0.016×0.022/ 0.017×0.022/0.017×0.025/0.018×0.022/0.018×0.025/0.019×0.025/0.021×0.025
Arch reverse curve niti round wire  0.012/0.014/0.016/0.018/0.020


Arch reverse curve niti rectangle wire   0.016×0.016 / 0.016×0.022/ 0.017×0.022/0.017×0.025/0.018×0.022/0.018×0.025/0.019×0.025/ 0.021×0.025
Thermally activated Ni-ti round  wire 0.012/0.014/0.016/0.018/0.02 upper and lower


Thermally activated Ni-ti rectangle  wire  0.016×0.016 / 0.016×0.022/ 0.017×0.022/0.017×0.025/0.018×0.022/0.018×0.025/0.019×0.025/ 0.021×0.025


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