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Dental Oral Camera

IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)

IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)
IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless) Tregoni fotografi2 Tregoni fotografi3 Tregoni fotografi4
  • Product code : IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)
  • Brand : IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)
  • Features : IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)
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IC-005W Dental Oral Camera (wired/wireless)


1, 1/4” Sony Super HAD CCD
2, High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance
3, Compact Size, Easy to use and focus
4, Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED
5, 2 or 3 keys function control, the new button can control: previous image, next
image, and deleted image from the camera directly,
6, the camera can with a small monitor on it ,that dentist  can see the picture from (with monitor)
the small monitor and   help dentist more convinent  to capture the picture .
7, Display amazing clear images in two different viewing modes: Live and Freeze
8. Effective Pixels ( HxV ):811*508=410,000 Pixels

Docking station
1. VIDEO,VIGA, 2.0USB  image output function
2.Manual, 4 images display function, can save 60 piece memories, and divided pictures into four images. Can save 240pcs image in total
3.Every image can be zoomed, deleted and recaptured
4.Suitable for NTSC and PAL system
5.can be developed to wireless function
6.Image capture with foot controller (Pedal as optional equipment)
Accessory: ( robot *1. DC- 5V transformer *1. IR cable *1.AV cable *1.VGAcable *1.CD*1)


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