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Dental Amalgamator

Amalgama Capsules

Amalgama Capsules
  • Product code : AC-002
  • Brand : Amalgama Capsules
  • Features : Amalgama Capsules
Amalgama Capsules ,endodontic files,dental handpieces,ultrasonic scaler, light cure, air turbine handpiece, intra-oral camera,apex locator,


AC-002  Amalgama Capsules


Alloy Composition: 43%Ag, 32%Sn, 25%Cu.
No Zinc and No Gamma 2 Phase.
The GK Amalgam capsule has good biocompatibility and operability. The filling material has good filling effects with low shrinkage and good sealing effect without looseness, falling off or breaking. The patients have no uncomfortable feeling during therapy.
GK Amalgam capsule has been sold more than 100 million from 1987.
Demonstration of effect after using GK Amalgam capsule.                                                                                                                              

1/2 spill:200mg(white)
1 spill:400mg(yellow)
2 spills:600mg(blue)
3 spills:800mg(red)  

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