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Dental Amalgamator

Dental amalgamator

Dental amalgamator
  • Product code : Mixer-005
  • Brand : Dental amalgamator
  • Features : Dental amalgamator
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Mixer-005 Dental amalgamator


1.This kind of amalgamator, controlled by a microprocessor, ensures a precise, controlled, consistent mix.
2.With the width of the oscillating range, the mixing frequency, and your selected time(1-99S).
3.It's revolve according to "8" model.
4.For mercury-based fillings. trust the performance of SA-0075 amalgamator. Together, it provides the clinical perfection you need with the ease-of-use you want.
5.For safe operation, the SA-0075 deactivates when you open the front cover to access the capsule.
6.Its ergonomic design is easy to use, stable, extremely quiet and easy to clean and maintain

1. With digital LCD display;
2. Adjust time and speed freely (Time:1-99S,Speed:2800-5000rpm);
3. Time setting with memory function;
4. Security guard design, when the lid is open, the motor will stop;
5. Ergonomic design, which looks like a beetle car;
6. Noiseless, very stable operation;
7. Automatic alarm to remind;
8. Easy maintenance;
9. A rubber pad prevents dust, liquid, and capsule fall into.we have green, purple ,orange, grey color for you to choose

⑴ Power voltage: AC 110V, 60 Hz      AC 120V, 60 Hz      AC 220V, 60 Hz     AC 230V, 50 Hz     AC 240V, 50 Hz                                                                                                                   
⑵ Motor power: 40W  ⑶ Blending speed: adjust any speed as your desire from 2800rpm to 5000rpm
⑷ Range of timing: 1-99S  ⑸ Noise level: less than 65db (A)  ⑹ Gross weight: 2kg  ⑺ Size: 260*220*190mm

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